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RYD-Y Series Semiautomatic Paste and Cream Filling Machine

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Renas RYD-Y catagories Semi Automatic Paste And Cream Filling Machines Has 9 different models  according to filling volume ranges 2,5-50ml/3,5-70ml/5-100ml/10-200ml/25-300ml/50-500ml/50-750ml/100-1000ml/200-2750ml/500-5000ml

Why RYD-Y?

Because Renas RYD-Y series paste and cream filling machines are; more hygienic, faster, more precise than primitive methods such as filling using barrels, kegs and taps; and it requires less workmenship.The fillings you perform are much more professional. 

What Are The Advantages?

Some distinctive properties of Renas RYD-Y series Paste and Cream filling machines which separates it from similar machines are asfollows;
Easy To Clean Flange Ferrule System ; Thanks to the easy to clean flange ferrule system found on the connecting parts of RYD-Y, the product contact surfaces can be demounted and cleaned within a few minutes without requiring and keys or technical equipment. Thanks to this, you never have any trouble with your production regarding hygiene. 
Anti Bacterial JointsAnd O-Rings; RYD-Y is manufactured using anti bacterial silicone materials with parts suchas all joints, o-rings, seals whether located on points which come into contact with the product or not, thanks to this feature, you can ensure maximum hygiene requirements and manufacture in accordance with the GMP conditions.
Sensitive dosing Mechanism;  Thanks to the sensitive dosing lever with a 0,5 mm pitch interval located on RYD-Y, in enables you to work with minimum deviation in various filling intervals, using a single machine. As long as you do not change the dosing setting, it always works with the same measures.

Emergency Button; Thanks to the emergency button located on RYD-Y, not with standing which ever position the machine is in, it retracts the piston and makes it secure. 
Anti Bacterial Hopper System; RYD-Y Model semi automatic paste and cream filling machines has 4 different size of anti bacterial product hopper. Also we can add heater and mixer function to this product hopper.
Automatic and Manual Mode ; RYD-Y can operate in two different modes according to the speed and the form of your production. Thanks to the pedal switch which comes free with the machine, you can operate the machine in the manual or the automatic mode with time adjustment. Particularly with your serial productions, it automatically works without requiring you to press the pedal. 
Drip preventing Nozzle ; Thanks to the drippreventing nozzle system, RDY-Y does not drip after the filling and the bottles you fill never gets dirty, no wastes occur due to dripping. 
Honed Product Suction Piston; RYD-Y reduces the loss of filling to a minimum by making very precise dosing even at high weights thanks to the honed product suction piston which is not featured in similar machines. Piston seals have a long service life thanks to their smooth piston surfaces. It does not damage the piston seals in a short time like similar machines...
Easy Full Cleanable Product Routing Valve; RYD-Y' s product routing valve is Easy Full Cleanable, Our machine is suitable to use in different products, for example different kinds of colors, and products. You can clean each part of the machine that touchs to the product. 

Internal Conditioner and Slide Valve; Thanks to the internal conditioner featured on RDY-Y, the machine is protected against water and corrosion damages which may occur in theventilation installation and which can harm the pneumatic system of the machine. Thanks to the slide valve located on the air enterance of the machine, without requiring a separate valve, you can cut the air from the system when your work is done.  

Other Features;

Machine Chassis: The chassis or the machine and all metal surfaces are manufactured using SUS 304 Stainless steel. Tee, Clamp and Flange parts of the machine are manufactured using SUS 316 Stainless steel.
Electrical System:  The body of the machine is protected against all electrical threats thanks to the grounded chassis
ElectroPneumatic System Thanks to it's electro pneumatic system, RDY-S performs more precise dosings and reduces your loss of production to a minimum.

Optional Properties;

         1) RDY-Y surfaces which come into contact with the Product, can be manufactured using SUS 316 or different materials according to your needs. 
         2) RDY-Y can be manufactured to enable filling products at high temperatures.  And Also We can put Heated bunker with thermocuple.
         3) For products such as milk, ayran etc. which foam during fast fillings, to increase your production speed, anintegrated nozzle which ascends and descends during filling can be added.
         4) It can be manufactured as sensor triggered,if it is required on the Filling Line
         5) As per request, a counter showing the number of fillings made can be added. 
           6) We can add mixer function to hopper with speed adjustment function
          7) We have 4 different hopper option for RYD-Y series Filling Machines, 30L- 40L- 50L- 60L

 Products it Can Fill;

Forexample: All Liquid Products, Creams, Gels, Paste Kinds, Molases, Honey, jar, tomato paste, many kinds of gress oil, 



RYD Series
Model RYD-Y
Air Cons. 40L/M
Power/Voltage 220V 50HZ 225W
Machine Weight RYD-Y 01/02/100/200/300/500 24 RYD-Y 750/1000 28kg RYD-Y 1500/2750 34kg RYD-Y5000 49 kg
Packing Wooden Box
Hopper Volume RYD-Y 01/02/100/200/300/500 30L hopper - RYD-Y 750/1000/1500/2750 40L hopper - RYD-Y 5000 50L hopper
Meterial Body + Parts Touch Product SUS304 Stainless Steel , Checkvalves and inner Tap Polyethilene, injector Clamps 5000 Series ALuminium, Hopper 304 Stainless Steel
Control Mode By Pedal Or Automatic Mode
Capacity 5-30 pcs/minute
Place Of Origin Turkey Produced By Renas

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